WinLube 2.03: Tune, clean and optimize Windows Vista and Windows 7 with WinLube

WinLube 2.03

WinLube is the lubricant for every Windows Vista and Windows 7 system. This tuning-tool optimizes, cleans and speeds-up your computer and increases its reliability and security. Features: Instant Tuning for fully automatic system optimization, cleanup harddrive and registry, free memory, optimize booting, manage autostart and services, repair broken shortcuts, customize Windows behavior and appearance, configure boot manager

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Advance Data Copy Tool 1.5: Advance Data Copy Tool, Copy and Move Data from one Computer to Another computer

Advance Data Copy Tool 1.5

HardDrive to Another HardDrive with Same or Custom date & time. Key Features : Keeps same Date-Time of folders and files when moving or copying data from one harddrive to another harddrive. User can set Custom date & time of Copied or Moved Data; Advance Data Copy Tool is a fast software to copy or move data. Have Advance features of copying or Moving Data. Can process multiple files, folders in one Click. Advance Data Copy Tool can process Directory

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MP3db 5.3.0: Organize your MP3 files in a database

MP3db 5.3.0

This program scans your harddrives or CD-ROMs for audio files and reads the embeded meta information (title, artist, album, etc.) into a database. With the search capabilities of a database program you can find a title in seconds and enqueue or play it in your preferred audio player application, e.g. WinAmp.

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Cool Radio Recorder! 3.3: Record your favorite radio to your mobile cellphone mp3 player or iPod

Cool Radio Recorder! 3.3

Cool Radio Recorder is easy to use and records directly into mp3 format with NO extra software. Radio broadcast is captured and stored directly to your harddrive using only a fragment of memory. Ready to upload to your mobile cellphone, mp3 player or iPod! Record rare music and talks from underground or alternative stations or just tune into your favorite internet radio and listen. 3000+ stations included. Add your own favorites!

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Movie Label 2012 7.1.1: The easy way to organize your DVD and movie collection on your PC.

Movie Label 2012 7.1.1

Movie Label 2012 helps you organize your movie collection. Add movies by typing title, barcode or scanning your harddrive for Divx etc. All information (including cover art) is automatically downloaded, no typing is required. Any type of video media (DVD, Blu-ray, Divx, etc) can be added. Movie Label even let you keep track of loans and future purchases. Movie Label comes with several different languages and fully supports Unicode.

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JoomSolo Joomla Standalone Server 2.10a: JoomSolo 2.10a Standalone Server For Joomla! with Google Chrome Portable

JoomSolo Joomla Standalone Server 2.10a

JoomSolo is an application for developers that work with Joomla! CMS . It was designed to ease the development of extensions and templates with a fast navigation menu Easy Browser to the most commonly used directories within the Joomla install directory. Depending on which JoomSolo package you choose, you can run Joomla locally on your harddrive ,USB, CD or DVD with the browser and extensions you want without ever having to connect online.

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Data Eraser 1.5: It is tool for erasing data and files from hard drive completely.

Data Eraser 1.5

Data Eraser v1.5 is the tool for erasing or deleting data and files from hard drive completely that can never be recovered again. Generally when you delete a file from harddrive, that file can be recovered by any data recovery softwares but it erases all the content of data clusters of files and directories so that erased files and directories can never be recovered. it works for windows operating system.

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PC Error Eliminator 2007: Easiest and most comprehensive way to keep your PC running smooth and error free

PC Error Eliminator 2007

PC Error Eliminator search your harddrive fixing various types of errors to supercharge your PC`s performance and stability. It fixes PC problems that cause errors, crashing, slowness, instability and prevents them from happening again. It is diagnostics tool, identify the precise problems in your Windows registry so you can determine exactly what your PC is suffering from. Try it even if your PC is running fine so that you can prevent problems.

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Covermanager 1.5.0: Covermanager - print covers easily

Covermanager 1.5.0

Covermanager makes it easy to load movie, game, program or cd covers from the internet , or to use pictures stored on your harddrive. Features: - Printing covers in the following formats: Standard, Slim-Pack, DVD, DVD-Booklet, CD - Download of original covers from the internet - PDF export - Print Previews of covers - Fullscreen view of downloaded covers

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Ezone Game Collection Volume 2 1.0.1: A collection of 15 of our most popular games!

Ezone Game Collection Volume 2 1.0.1

A collection of 15 of our most popular games like you have never seen them before! These versions have been optimized for playback from your computer harddrive - which means no more downloads or pesky ads. Featuring Miner Problem - an exclusive action puzzler only available here! Includes these games and more... - Bang for the Buck - Ezone Jigsaw - Ezone Slots - Fat Boy and the Magical Musical Cookie - Fat Boy Raids the Cookie Factory

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